Steps to Documenting a Content Marketing Strategy That Works

It is very important to document your strategy as you will need to read these reports when making decisions on how you have been performing and areas you need to improve. However, there is a big difference between knowing how you should do something and how to do it. Part of what makes a documented strategy so powerful is that every person on your team, be it content creators, senior directors and everyone in between, can see and know what your company is communicating. For your strategy to be helpful to you and your whole company and not just your immediate marketing team members, there are a couple things you need to address.

You need to develop a good understanding on why you are utilizing content marketing as strategy, who you are trying to reach with your content and what you are hoping to accomplish in the process, Additionally, you must define how the whole process fits your overall marketing strategy. For every marketing action you take, you should also be able to monitor and measure key metrics for success. If you can start with these questions in mind, the actual pieces of your strategy should come in easily. Each of those components in your strategy should come in easily and hep you have clearly defined answers to align your team and hold you accountable.

Here are some important elements of your content marketing strategy you should consider including;

Overall Mission

You need to have well defined answers of the real reasons you will be investing in content. Take some important time to critically think why you should make the process critical, valuable and a time-consuming investment in the first place. If you have a clear answer, write it down. Ask yourself if you are preparing to use content so your marketing team can generate leads and attract new customers. Additionally, you might decide to use content with the need of building brand awareness and credibility. No matter the reason you have for investing in content marketing, it needs to take a prominent place at the beginning of your strategy.

Target Audience Personas

You may have included some general ideas about who your ideal customer should be. While this might be useful and a good starting point, it is not nearly detailed enough to creating content for them. Before you can craft any content or develop any distribution plan, you must have a good idea of who you are trying to reach. You will not be creating content for the general public. You will be creating content to attract specific individuals who can contribute to your company goals. You need research to create detailed audience persona.

Content mix plan

Once you are aware of why you are creating content and for whom, you can determine why type of content to create. Look at how your marketing funnel looks like. There are two key things you need to get right. You must create content that educates and engages prospects at the top of the funnel and encourages them to learn more.

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