How to Figure out What People Want From Your Products

When working in product development for towing service or any other industry, there are lots of things you talk about, and one of them is satisfying customer needs and wants. While that sounds so great on paper, to determine what your customers really want from your products is a lot easier said than done. Your customers are not always sure what they want and that is the responsibility of your product team to recognize customer needs and do as expected. If successful, your new product or feature will have much better chance of flying off the shelves when released. In case you are having trouble discovering what your customers desire from your company, we shall look at different ways which you can use to determine what your customers want during product development.

Here’s what people always want.

Ease of use

No matter what you are creating whether a SaaS product or a physical one, customers will always love what they can easily learn how to use. This is particularly true for products that are new to their industry. Companies developing such products need to educate their consumers on why they are superior in their marketplace. If customers find your products too confusing or rather too hard to use, they are likely to lose interest and seek for simpler alternatives.


Making a product too difficult to buy or for usage will always go against people’s need for convenience. As a result, too many objections, friction or blockers can turn someone away even at situations they needed to have your product. Additionally, customers will be looking for products that are cost efficient. If you can sell a product at a competitive price without having a sacrifice on product’s quality, you will be giving your customers an offer that is very tough to refuse.  That also calls for the importance of remembering your target audience. In some instances, your customers may be out off by low price tags especially when they are looking to buy high quality products.

Flexibility and Value

Customers will always love it when they purchase a product and find that they can use it in multiple ways to solve more than one problem. It becomes even better when your customers find new ways and uses for your products as they continue to travel through the customers journey. Additionally, on things that customers want in a product is style as well. People want to buy a product that is cool and interesting to look at. That gives customers the confidence because they know that other customers want to replicate their style. While is very important that product works, you need ensure it is stylish as that is a great way to make it stand out in the marketplace.

Customer needs are the features and characteristics that are required for customers to meet their goals. Needs are the non-negotiable and if they are not fulfilled, they often result in unsatisfied or angry customers. On the other hand, wants are features on top of a products core functionality that could help a customer make a decision

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