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Aluminum security network
Product Detail

1, using high-strength, high silicon aluminum alloy tubes can wear a galvanized pipe, thread steel, General tools could not destroy, the realization of the true sense of the anti-theft feature.

2. the product surface with electrostatic powder coating process, color variety, never rusts.

3, can escape Windows, installation simple do not affect its overall appearance.

4, the use of screws for Assembly production, Assembly can avoid human-induced solder is not strong and rust particles.

5, product diversification surface color, style, and have standard, complete with wind type can be matched. Aluminum alloy specially designed burglar uses aluminum alloy tube, set screw, furniture-combination method, production process does not require welding to avoid the human-induced solder joints are not in prison, as well as some solder long rust particles, and other factors, no welding light pollution. With decorative better, anti-theft better, for the traditional stainless steel successor of network security.

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管(方形 圆形 梅花形 凌形


0.8 1.2 (mm)


0.8 (mm)

Profile Color: White Green Champagne
Surface treatment: Room Bedroom Balcony Roof
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