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3-style screens
Product Detail

1). the full aluminum and anti-oxidation electrostatic powder coating to ensure practical long life; section

2). the contour is artistic, elegant, and have the luxury of decorative features; 3) the clean function, automatic, net loss in dust automatically;

4). the net adopts Taiwan waterproof NET, permanent deformation, mosquito control effect is good, and has good airflow;

5). the steering wheel and La beam plug used simultaneously, so that the window opening process smoother.

6)-fiberglass yarn. imports, fireproof, acid and alkali-resistant, anti-aging, anti-UV, light and breathable.

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Surface treatment: 不锈钢 aluminum alloy(White Gray Champagne PVDF )
Profile Color: White Gray Champagne color or other color
Profile Wall thickness:

0.8 1.0 1.2 1.4 (mm)

纱网材料: 不锈钢网 普通纤维网 进口纤维网 聚脂网
Surface treatment: Room Bedroom Balcony Roof
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