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150Heavy Duty sliding doors
Product Detail

Lifting heavy sliding doors

1 imported parts, multi-point lock, door leaf section spacious and suitable for maximum door leaf.

2 through the control handle, door leaf can be firmly remain in orbit, highly secure anywhere.

3 superior tightness, water tightness, insulation, environmental protection, energy saving performance strong

4 closed using the power of gravity to sink the door leaf, the leaf door sealing stripes for upper and lower ends to the door frame, the only pressure is currently the world's best sealed sliding door. -Track

5 barrier-free, can realize the true meaning of no threshold,

turn on the light and flexible node map/detail display of Figure

6 upscale sliding doors classic, meet a variety of different styles of materials, color combination

7 wide-King glass, open and flexible floor door leaf, the panoramic outdoor scenery glance

8 door leaf 100% flat opening, box, sector are in a vertical surface, succinct neat

9 door and side facing flat, elegant

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Surface treatment:

aluminum alloy(Electrophoresis Powder coating Anodizing PVDF 铝包木 塑钢卫厨 )

Profile Color:

White Gray Champagne 红木纹色 PWooden color or other color

Profile Wall thickness:

1.2 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.8 2.0 (mm)

Color for glass:

White Green Gray Blue Brown

Glass Option:

single glass low-e :Reflective Tempered Double glazing Laminated Glass ;Low-e Glass low-e
Glass Thickness: 5 6 8 10 5+6A+5 5+9A+5 5+27A+5 (mm)
Surface treatment: Room Bedroom Balcony Roof
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