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Folding screen door sliding
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TAK2 for high strength yarn NET (HDPE + PET), DS1 to double line sun protection network (HDPE). Both Japan Mitsubishi Chemical 3 special raw materials, linear tough and durable, easy slide Quartet checklist, high temperature resistance, weather-proof variant of not more than 6 years, easy construction, mosquito control, Sun protection, tasteless, environmental protection, antibacterial. Taiwan NET factory experience proves that this product is used for the production of stationary, Deluxe folding door is very high, smoothness and strength comparable magic network, it does not rust, scale of high, resistance to tearing, attractive and durable. Current market unique, novel, the selling point outburst, qianjin with very good. Material thickness: performance good 0.30 ~ 0.32, reply performance difference 0.35 ~ 0.40 cold-resistant, heat-resistant up to 200, bottom-(minus) continuous lines, 25 5 years, not useful-prone abseiling structure is damaged, the film will not fall off (other types of materials: Magic mesh, stainless steel 304 and 316-net);

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Surface treatment: 不锈钢 aluminum alloy(White Gray Champagne PVDF )
Profile Color: White Gray Champagne color or other color
Profile Wall thickness: 0.8 1.0 1.2 (mm)
纱网材料: 不锈钢网 普通纤维网 进口纤维网 聚脂网 台湾纤维网
Surface treatment: Room Bedroom Balcony Roof
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