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56-bridge hollow forms
Product Detail

56mm bounding box structure depth, unique composite manner material resistance to wind load resistance and shock resistance stronger;

international trendy tilt dump scheme, open safe, easy-to-use, easy to tilt the ventilation, the standard German ROTO hardware system, comfortable feel, surprises;

profile indoor wooden part of the standard American White Oak, with environmentally friendly water-based coatings mashi, magnificent nature, ecological health;

outdoor solid colored aluminum alloy, with Akzo Nobel powder coatings, beautiful, rich Corten optional;

31mm sash notch width, standard 5 + 15 + 5 insulating glass, insulation and energy saving, Soundproofed meditation;

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Surface treatment: aluminum alloy(Electrophoresis Powder coating Anodizing PVDF 铝包木
Profile Color: White Gray Champagne 红木纹色 PWooden color or other color
Profile Wall thickness: 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0 2.8 (mm)
Color for glass: White Green Gray Blue Brown

Glass Option:

single glass low-e :Reflective Tempered Double glazing Laminated Glass ;Low-e Glass low-e
Glass Thickness: 5 6 8 10 5+6A+5 5+9A+5 5+27A+5 (mm)
Surface treatment: Room Bedroom Balcony Roof
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