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Lifestyle sun room
Insulating glass
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Product Detail

1, specification variety, such as business type, H, corrugated, etc., and the bright color, no surface

2, the installation of flexible composite plate is not only the basis for a

significant reduction in

construction materials engineering and structural engineering costs, and

can repeatedly

dismantling, construction and installation of flexible, comprehensive

benefit is significant.
3, fire, good core material flame retardant materials for the B1 level, the

oxygen index ≥ 26,

combustion does not melt, and no smoke, no drip pyrolysis. At present, a

high level of fire

protection for the architectural composite plates, decorative sheet is

preferred GMP plant.
4, the use of a wide range of core material with temperature temperature -70
~ +120 , moments up to +200 , at low temperatures even when

used in ultra-low


shrinkage, not brittle, is the deep cold (cold storage) project the ideal

adiabatic material.
5, low thermal conductivity (λ <= 0.041w/mk), thermal insulation

6, non-toxic and tasteless foam core material without CFCs, burning

non-toxic tasteless, spilling

gas on the human body and environment are safe, comply with national


requirements, is a new green building materials.
7, water moisture foam core material is organic polymer material, the

structure is a closed-cell

type, with good resistance to water absorption and resistance to water

vapor permeability.
8, good lighting, the experimental test, oblique lighting effect roof windows

10% higher than the

average over the windows. Time can turn on the lights every day one hour

later. At the same

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Surface treatment:

aluminum alloy(Electrophoresis Powder coating Anodizing PVDF )

Profile Color:

White Gray Champagne PWooden color or other color

Profile Wall thickness:

2.0 3.0 (mm)

Color for glass:

White Green Gray Blue Brown

Glass Option:

low-e :Reflective Tempered Double glazing Laminated Glass ;Low-e Glass low-e
Glass Thickness: 5+6A+5 5+9A+5 5+27A+5 5+0.38+5 5+0.76+5 (mm)
Surface treatment: Room Bedroom Balcony Roof
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