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Frameless balcony window
Sample PT.
Product Detail

1, elegant appearance, upper and lower beams, folder edge while bold letters used to highlight decorative lineolatus, then the whole window looks smooth atmosphere.

2, can be double-linked folding, but also can be folded open on-chip load-bearing, apply to any window type

3, outside the apron selected to strengthen the brand-new nylon.

4 Bearing winning import bearings, push and pull smoothly.

5 high-strength zinc alloy boom, configuration stainless steel screws Hexagon and absolute security.

6 built-in anti-collision strips from top to bottom beams, raw materials selection EPDM material may not be deformed Paul 20 years to achieve a real muffler.

5, upper and lower beams and the whole folder can be used between the soft seal have greatly boosted the whole window and water tightness, crash plastic and

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Surface treatment:

aluminum alloy(Electrophoresis Powder coating Anodizing PVDF )

Profile Color:

White Gray Champagne color or other color

Profile Wall thickness:

1.2 1.4 (mm)

Color for glass:

White Green Gray Blue Brown

Glass Option:

single glass low-e :Reflective Tempered Double glazing Laminated Glass ;Low-e Glass low-e

Glass Thickness:

6 8 10 (mm)
Surface treatment: Room Bedroom Balcony Roof
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