The Changing of the Guard

It had not been a propitious morning at Church for Mother and Alfred, and perhaps not for most of the congregation. It should be noted that acid-tongued Moana Crutchley actually appeared to be gloating. And, certainly Ima Hatchet would have been delighted. After all, Father Goodfellow had given her marching papers and she was now well ensconced and infecting another parish. Continue reading

Horn of plenty

Thanksgiving Celebration

We will celebrate Thanksgiving with our parish family on Sunday, November 18, following the 10:30 am service. Turkey and gravy will be provided and everyone is asked to bring side dishes. Join us!

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Sharing the Faith

A new Sunday morning Bible Study began at 9:15 last Sunday, February 26. As the title suggests, our outstanding staff of teachers will provide practical tips on how to share Christianity with others. This class will continue through March 25.