Best Ways Leaders Can Inspire Innovation Across Teams

In workplaces, innovation continues to pose a unique challenge. Growth requires employees to take risks, but at the same time, chasing unproven ideas can prove to be quite challenging. While many companies find success confining innovation to specific departments and innovation labs, this can often lead to a limited flow of ideas and stalled development of new products. When it comes to having an aggressive approach to innovation, leaders must carefully build a culture that tolerates change and provides the freedom to explore big ideas. Here are some tips on how to go about the process;

Find your tolerance for growth

The truth of the matter is that not all companies are built for explosive growth. There is those build under the foundation of innovation and without it, they would not withstand the heat. Others have traditional approaches and strict frameworks that end up stifling innovation rather than fostering it. To combat the same, leaders of all types need to have a full understanding of their growth journey and take key steps to get there. It is very important to have CEOs and board members who collaborate to establish a tolerance for growth and create a conduciv3e working environment for employees to flourish. The push for innovation should be tailored to the needs of a particular company and team and not on the performance of a competitor.

Craft the right story

The case of any innovation can be started from the C level, but it’s the work of employees to drive it forward. To do so, they must create a story and they will need a reason to create and chase new ideas. Inspiring innovation requires a compelling story that resonates across every department in a company. That story often starts with company values that reflect a dedication to innovate and create an impact on the real world. Effective storytelling means you give your managers and staff a big problem to solve and not simply pushing little innovations here and there. Such need for innovation should be spread across all the sectors and corners of an organization.

Rethink your team structures

In any organization, managers are often a group of people likely to derail any cultural shift, particularly anything that deals with taking risks. While C suite may have a huge tolerance for risk, managers and other lower-level employees may be fully immersed in comfort zones.  To have a breakthrough over management firewall, you must incentivize risk or just rethink your overall structure. You need to build a cross-functional team composed of designers, developers, and strategies who collaborate on a wide range of issues and can work together to bring innovative solutions. Empower your teams to communicate directly with clients and manage effective relationships.

Measure Employees on their Value

You need to subject employees to value-based metrics. You can never expect employees to pursue innovation just because you have said it’s important for the business. For innovation to stick across a business, it needs to be carefully planned and organized and be made a job requirement rather than a suggestion. Your story should encourage employees to buy in and your performance reviews should include a focus on innovation. Employees should be measure and rewarded for the risks they take.

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