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Trinity Episcopal Church Dallas, advocate and webmaster



“Fr. Oliver is ex-Naval Academy, ex-Harvard, ex-Army Ranger, ex-Law School

and ex-cellent Spiritual Leader!”


Sunday Services 10:30 am

Adult Christian Education: Starts at 9:15 am

The Rev. Canon Jordan Hylden is teaching the adult classes during the Easter season and is the Canon Theologian for our Diocese. Everyone Is Invited: Classroom 8

“His first class was first class!”

Wednesday April 26 Evening Prayer: 6:30 pm

Men & Women’s Group Meetings follow Evening Prayer at 6:45 pm



Rector: The Rev. J. Oliver Lee, Jr.,OBL., OSB – FrOliver@tecdallas.org

    Deacon: The Rev. Philip L. Snyder – Philip_L_Snyder@yahoo.com

    Music Director: David Conley – deconley1@gmail.com

   Church Secretary: Nanci Parkhurst – nparkhurst@tecdallas.org

   Altar Guild Directress: JoCile Bayh : 972-991-360


Those who grew up memorizing the King James Version of the Bible remember the verse translated as, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Those who have no vision, no perception of what they could be, seem to have no real direction in their Christian pilgrimage.

Before every great undertaking, there is someone who has a vision for the task ahead. The football coach has a game plan before the kickoff. The army commander sees the infantry’s strategy, a battle plan, before the fighting ever begins. The artist has a conception in his or her mind before the painting is put on the canvas. What a difference vision makes in life. Too many Christians are just going to meetings, following schedules, simply existing— and something is missing. Vision, a perception of what God wants us to be and do, is vital.